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New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!
New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!

Chill Fix Epoxy Kit

$ 60.00
  • Best for small projects, masses, or layers up to 1/4" thick.
  • Ideal for filling small cracks, voids, knots quickly. 
  • Fastest setting time of 3-6 hours
  • Self-rising/Bubble-free technology
  • True-Zero VOC
  • Pot life of 13 minutes
  • 2-component kit (2A/1B)
  • Available in 1.5L

Commonly used in live edge woodworking for touch-ups and surface prep due to its fast setting time. Can be used for repairs or filling pin-holes in epoxy. 

Chill Epoxy is a transparent casting resin formulated from premium raw materials. It has high optical clarity, impact-resistance, and UV resistance.

    Download PDF Instructions