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15% OFF Chill Epoxy Ice 1 and Deep Pour. Sale ends 11/24.
15% OFF Chill Ice 1 and Chill Deep Pour. Ends 11/24.

Chill Drops Transparent

$ 30.50
  • Best for adding a transparent color pigment to epoxy
  • Highly concentrated color pigments
  • Compatible with all Chill Epoxy Products
  • Can be used with other solutions/crafts
  • Choose from 11 unique colors
  • Available in 4oz bottles

Commonly used in live edge woodworking to add colored pigment to epoxy while still remaining translucent. Looks best with LED pot lights or projects where artificial or natural light can be shined on.

Chill Epoxy is a transparent casting resin formulated from premium raw materials. It has high optical clarity, impact resistance, and UV resistance.

Download PDF Instructions    Download MDS