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Happy New Year! 15% Off Sitewide all through January.
Happy New Year! 15% Off Sitewide all through January.

Live Edge Wood

Our 10,000sqft warehouse is stocked with a variety kiln-dried wood slabs sourced in the Pacific Northwest. Visit our warehouse to view our full slab inventory.

Your Local Source for Live Edge Wood


Whether you are building a project for yourself or for a client, we have live edge wood slabs available for purchase in-store. Our new in-store pricing system makes it easier for you to shop for slabs that fit your budget. Free wood surfacing is also available when you buy from us!

Wood Species

We carry over eleven different wood species ranging in size, shape, color, and grain patterns.
Images represent the wood species finished and will vary.



■□□□□     $


■■□□□     $

Douglas Fir

■■□□□     $

Big Leaf Maple

■■■□□     $$

Silver Maple

■■■□□     $$


■■■□□     $$


■■■□□     $$


■■■□□     $$


■■■□□     $$$


■■□□□     $$$


■■□□□     $$$

Black Walnut

■■■□□     $$$


$= $5-10/bdft
$$= $11-20/bdft
$$$= $21-30/bdft

Janka Rating

■□□□□ = 0-500
■■□□□ = 500-1000
■■■□□ = 1000-1500
■■■■□ = 1500-2000
■■■■■ = 2000+

Know What You Need?

For more information on wood slabs and availability, email us with your preferred species, dimensions, and project idea to get started. Our team will get back to you on what's available in our inventory.

Contact Us:
Wholesale and resale pricing available.

Janka Hardness Ratings

The Janka ratings shown measure the wood's average resistance to denting and wear. When comparing wood species for your project, it's best to be mindful of how durable the species would be for its intended use.

Kiln-dried Wood Slabs

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Online Slabs

Products and Services
for Woodworkers, Hobbyists, and DIYers.

In-store Bargain Bin

Our bin for off-cuts and remnants are great for smaller projects and ideal for practicing for a bigger project.

Vacuum Kiln Drying

We offer vacuum kiln drying services to ensure your wood material is dried and ready to be worked on.

Wood Surfacing

Our fast and reliable surfacing services will completely flatten a slab and move you on to the next step.  

Tools and Gear

We carry the essential prep tools and protection gear needed to work with live edge slabs on your own.

Chill Epoxy Resin

Chill Epoxy's line-up of epoxy and pigments are suitable for wood prep, river tables, top-coats, crafts, and more.

Osmo Finishes

Osmo products make it easy to apply finishes, wood stains, and maintain your custom live edge wood project.

Legs and Hardware

We offer a variety of steel table legs and floating shelf brackets available to custom order for your project.

Events and Workshops

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We're Here to Help

Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding our products and services.