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New Wood Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!
New Wood Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!


We offer fast, reliable, and efficient Vacuum Kiln Drying Services for most wood slabs and dimensional lumber. With some species, it doesn't require any air drying and can go directly from the mill to the kiln. Drying in a vacuum kiln results in wood that is consistently and thoroughly dry, with reduced defects, and more stability.


For customer-supplied materials:

$3/bdft with a $150 Minimum
Contact Us for Rates over 1,000bdft.

4-8 Week Lead Time
Lead times may vary by species and thickness.
Waiver must be signed at time of intake.
Measurements will be taken at time of intake.


5-10x Faster than Air Drying

By drying in a partial vacuum environment, the moisture inside the wood boils and converts to a vapor at a lower boiling point. This process accelerates the dry time without the harsh effects of other higher temperature kiln drying methods. 

Large Capacity

Our vacuum kiln has the capacity to fit materials up to 60" wide and 204" long. On average, it takes one to two weeks in the kiln for every inch of thickness. We ensure each slab is dried for maximum stability and optimal moisture content.

Drying Wood 24/7/365

We process on average 3,500bdft of wood every week. Whether it's one slab or hundreds, we have the ability to get it dried fast so you can start working on it.


Surfacing / Planing

Machine flattening rough-sawn slabs.

Custom Projects

Made to order furniture.

Custom Milling

Turn logs into workable slabs.