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FREE SHIPPING in August on all Chill Epoxy orders! Use Promo Code: FREECHILL
Free Shipping in August! Use Promo Code: FREECHILL


We offer fast and reliable Surfacing Services for customers interested in quickly moving their project to the next phase. Surfacing (similar to planing) is the process used to completely flatten a rough-sawn slab. In addition to smoothing down the rough saw marks from the mill, this process removes any warping or twisting that occurs from the drying process and saves a ton of time during the finish sanding process.

Our on-site custom built surfacing machine is comprised of a router head mounted onto a gantry that is manually pushed across each slab’s surface to remove excess material until the slab is flat. This machine can handle material up to 72” wide and 196" long.

Please contact us for current rates and availability.

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Machined Flat
Removes any warping or twisting that occurs naturally.

Large Capacity
The ability to surface material up to 72" wide and up to 196" long.

Fast & Reliable
Save valuable time and move to the next phase quicker.


We also offer convenient Cutting Services for customers who purchase a slab in-store.
Precision cuts are available for an additional cost.

Please contact us for current rates and availability.

Other Services


Turn logs into workable slabs.

Kiln Drying

Drying slabs faster than ever.

Custom Projects

Made to order finished furniture.