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NEW Kiln-Dried and Air-Drying Wood Slabs Available!
NEW Kiln-Dried and Air-Drying Wood Slabs Available!


We offer surfacing services for customers interested in quickly moving their project to the next phase. Surfacing (similar to planing) is the process used to completely flatten a rough-sawn slab. In addition to smoothing down the rough sawn marks from the mill, this process removes any warping or twisting that occurs from the drying process and saves a ton of time during the finish sanding process.


For surfacing our materials:
$4/Bdft | 1-3 Week Lead Time

For customer-supplied materials:
$6/Bdft (wood slabs) or $150 minimum | 1-3 Week Lead Time
$12/Bdft for Epoxy Projects
Waiver must be signed at time of intake.
Must pass inspection (no nails, rocks, etc.)
Measurements will be taken at time of intake.
Material(s) must be under 12% moisture. Over 12% must go in the vacuum kiln


Fast + Reliable

Flattening a slab with a palm or belt sander can be tedious and will produce uneven surfaces. Our surfacing service will save you time and will provide a flat surface to start working on.




We can surface your material(s) down to your desired thickness if it is not badly warped/twisted. Sanding is still necessary after surfacing to ensure a smooth surface.

Large Capacity

Our on-site surfacing machine is comprised of a router head mounted onto a gantry that can handle material up to 72” wide and 196" long.


Vacuum Kiln Drying

Drying slabs faster than ever.

Custom Projects

Made to order furniture.

Custom Milling

Turn logs into workable slabs.