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Built Locally in Tacoma, WA

Custom Finished Tables

Have a custom project in mind? Take full control by designing furniture that fits your space and style. Each piece is milled, fabricated, and finished to last generations.

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Ready in 8-10 Weeks*

1. Choose a Slab

Live edge wood slabs come in numerous shapes, sizes, colors, and grain patterns. Some slabs feature spalting, burl patterns, voids, and knots, making the slab surface even more interesting. 

2. Choose a Base

Choose from a variety of custom-built options to support your custom bar or table top. Whether you place your slab furniture piece on the floor or wall, you can customize your hardware by style, dimension, and finish.

3. Choose a Finish

We'll help you choose the best finish option that suits you and the purpose of your furniture. Wood treatment options to alter natural color of a slab are also available upon request.

Pushing the Boundaries

Custom projects go well beyond desks and tables. Whether it's for your home or business, we will likely have a slab to fit the purpose. The possibilities are endless, so don't hesitate to ask us about your idea. We will work together to see if we can make it happen.


Featured Projects

We create furniture pieces and built-in surfaces that are unique, stunning, and timeless, while simultaneously offering a consumer experience that is exploratory, educational, and inspirational. With our clients involved in the design process, every handcrafted piece is not only one of a kind, but it's personalized to our client's exact needs and visions.

Inverted Maple Epoxy Dining Table

Inverted Maple Dining Table with Epoxy Pour

Dyed Elm Coffee Table with Bowtie Inlays

Elm Dining table with Chill Clear Epoxy

Black Walnut Dining Table with Custom Base

Sequoia Outdoor Dining Table Set

Need Inspiration?

Browse through our full gallery of finished work to inspire your own custom masterpiece. Each finished project is unique in its own way.

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