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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Ends 7/31 #ourDIYbirthday
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Ends 7/31 #ourDIYbirthday


We offer convenient Milling Services for most logs and large-scale dimensional lumber. We have an on-site sawmill to form your salvaged logs into usable slabs. A quick power wash before milling removes loose dirt and debris. Once milled, each slab will be stacked with spacers/stickers and staged for customer pickup. During milling any debris strikes will occur additional costs. *Sticker stacking available upon request for an additional cost.

Our dedicated Super Slabber Lucas Mill has the capacity to handle logs up to 74" wide and 312" long. With its built-in Honda V-Twin 20hp engine, it can handle all types of hard and soft woods with ease.

Please contact us for current rates and availability.

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Custom Cuts
Choose your slab thickness that works best for your project.

Large Capacity
The ability to mill up to 74" wide and up to 312" long.

Super Slabber
Built-in Honda V-Twin engine rips material with ease.

Other Services

Kiln Drying

Drying slabs faster than ever.


Machine flattening rough-sawn slabs.

Custom Projects

Made to order finished furniture.