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New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!
New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Wane+Flitch?

Contrary to popular belief, Wane + Flitch are NOT the last names of two people. These are wood terms that apply to the type of wood cut we use to make custom, live edge wood furniture and built-in surfaces. Wane is a lumber term for the natural live edge of the slab. Flitch is the lumber term for the cut that creates the slab after milling.

What do you do?

We are an urban sawmill and woodshop specialized in working with locally-salvaged live edge wood slabs. We process trees into custom furniture all under one roof. As a sawmill, we acquire salvaged logs, mill them into slabs, and dry slabs in our on-site vacuum kiln. We offer live edge wood slabs for sale to the public in addition to selling a variety of tools and supplies for DIYers (do-it-yourself).

We can design and construct just about anything a solid wood slab can be used for - with or without a live edge according to the customer’s preference (i.e. large conference and dining tables, small occasional tables, console tables, eating bars, decorative wall caps, mantles and hearths, floating shelves, vanity tops, stair treads, islands and counters, back bars, and much, much more!)

If live edge wood is not a part of your project, we also work with other wood types such as dimensional lumber, plywood, engineered wood, etc. Our custom woodshop can build all types of architectural furnishings such as millwork, faux beams, cabinets, etc. Contact us for a quote!

Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are open to the public Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. Click here to view our hours. Saturdays are appointments only.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom and warehouse are open to the public Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. Visit our showroom to view finished projects, kiln-dried wood slabs, customization samples, DIY products, sawmill services, and/or consult with one of our sales associates.

Do you have finished furniture for sale?

We have a limited selection of showroom pieces available for sale. Visit our showroom or contact us about our current showroom inventory.

Where does your material come from?

All of our materials are locally sourced from commercial and residential sites all over Western Washington. We get contacted by homeowners, developers, and contractors clearing trees for reasons including but not limited to safety, storm damage, building infringement, disease, and new developments. We do not poach trees. We take pride in providing salvaged trees a second life and a new home.

What kind of wood do you carry?

Because we only work with trees that are salvaged locally, we carry wood species that are native to the area. These species include Douglas Fir, Old Growth Fir, Sequoia, Big Leaf Maple, Silver Maple, Madrone/Madrona, Black Walnut, English Walnut, American Elm, White Oak, Beech, Poplar, Cedar, Ash, and Cherry.

We do not carry exotic species such as Indian Rosewood, Monkey Pod, Suar, Ipe, Purpleheart, Tigerwood, Bamboo, Ebony, Jarrah, Acacia or any other wood species that are not commonly found in the western Washington region.

What sizes are your wood slabs?

Our live edge wood slabs range from all sizes and shapes.
-The standard thickness of most of our slabs are rough sawn at 2.25"-3" thick.
-We carry a limited selection of mantel stock ranging from 4"-6" thick.
-Our wood rounds/cookies vary from 36"-60" in diameter.
-Dimensions of slabs with both live edges range anywhere from 16"-74" wide and 24"-300" long.
-Our "Bargain Bin" pieces are composed of smaller wood pieces best for beginner and small projects.

When slabs are machined-flat, they will vary from 1.75"-2.25" depending on the slabs flatness and starting thickness.

Our dimensional lumber offerings range from 8-12 ft, 6-10" wide, and 1-2" thick. For slabs outside of that range, please contact us for availability.

Do you have slabs for sale online? How do I view your slab inventory?

You can browse our online kiln-dried inventory here. Inventory is being added online routinely and you can view our wider selection in-store. Our slabs are available for in-store pickup only. Please contact us to arrange shipping or delivery. We have a wider selection of air drying slabs if there is no material currently kiln-dried and ready for processing. When an air-drying slab is purchased/approved, we will get them loaded into our next available kiln-cycle.

You may also inquire about your desired dimensions and wood species through email or in person at our shop. We will do our best in selecting material for your project as well as browse selections that are not available online yet.

Do you offer wholesale and resale?

We do offer wholesale wood or bulk order pricing. Contact us at for more information.

For resellers, please present your resellers permit to one of our associates when checking out. Volume pricing is available.

Do you offer classes?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are working hard on finding a solution to offer classes safely for our employees and attendees. Stay tuned to our Events Page for updates on upcoming epoxy and woodworking classes.


We have a tree coming down, are you guys interested?

For acquisition, please contact Jon via phone (253) 332-0275 or email with photos, dimensions, quantity, location, and any other relevant information about the tree. Jon will get back to you about whether or not we would be interested in the material. Approval for acquiring trees is based on a number of factors such as quality, demand, size, etc. Arrangements must be made by the seller to have materials transported to our site during a scheduled date/time upon approval.

Do you cut trees down?

We do not offer tree cutting services. We can refer you to companies that we have worked with in the past.

Can you build custom projects using my wood/tree?

We can, but there are things to consider when doing so. We will refuse to work with the material if it is rotted, unusable, or other misc. reasons that may cause setbacks in production and handling. If the material is approved for the project, service fees can apply if milling, kiln drying, surfacing, and/or other services are performed. Note that using customer-supplied material will extend the timeline of the project if additional services are needed.

Can you surface/plane my slab that has epoxy in it?

We can surface or plane down your project if there is epoxy in it. We often surface down epoxy river projects for our customers. Whether you under pour or over pour, we can do our best to get the entire surface flat. Keep in mind, there may be tear out that needs to be refilled, pin holes that get revealed, and markings from the surfacer to be sanded down. Please use our surfacing calculator for pricing epoxy projects.

Can you do custom milling?

We can do custom milling for mantels, rounds/cookies, dimensional lumber, and/or slabs. There are limitations to the materials we can mill. Please email us at for more information about milling your material(s). Depending on the size, some materials may not be best suited to be milled by us.

Do you ship or deliver?

For our online products, shipping rates will apply. For in-store purchases on wood slabs and custom projects, shipping and delivery options are available. Shipping rates will be determined based on the total size, weight, location, and carrier used for the product(s). Local delivery within 50 miles of 98404 is a $500 flat rate. Rates are subject to change. Consult with us about updated rates for delivery.

How long does kiln drying take?

Current lead times for kiln drying vary throughout the year. Because of the way certain wood species dry, they can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks to finish drying once it is loaded in the kiln. The queue to get the materials to start drying in the kiln can vary from 4-8 weeks. Please view our kiln drying page for updated lead times. We highly recommend that slabs are air dried after milling for 6-12 months before loading into the kiln.

Can you cut my slab in half so I can get two thinner slabs?

We do not have the capability to resaw wood yet. We can however surface a slab down to a desired thickness.

I need my wood cut, do you offer a la carte services?

Cutting fees apply.  

Can you run my slab through the planer?

We can, it is under the same fee as surfacing. Please use our calculator for surfacing rates.

Can you refinish my piece?

Depending on the project scope, we may be able to refinish the table. Please send a description of your project in addition to images to for us to review.

Can you pour epoxy for me and I'll finish it?

We do not offer pouring epoxy for rivers, top-coats, or fills as a stand-alone service. We can only complete the epoxy pour as a custom project and our team would be handling the material(s) from start to finish.

We do offer epoxy for sale online and in-store and our associates will happily offer guidance and tips for pouring epoxy on your own.

Can you join these two slabs together for me?

Please contact us with photos and we can an estimate for you.

Can you drill holes for floating shelf brackets?

Yes, we sell the brackets and can prep the material for our selection of floating shelf brackets.

Do you do installation?

We do not offer installation. Installation of fixed items must be performed by you or another party.

How long does a custom project take?

Lead times for custom projects vary from 4-10 weeks depending on the scope of the project. Contact us for current lead times.

Can you build barn doors?

We can build live edge wood doors with and without the natural live edges. We have a selection of barn door hardware styles and colors to choose from if you do not have the hardware on-hand.  

Do you build mantels?

We have a limited selection of thick mantel stock available to be used for mantels. Mantel stock ranges from 3-6" thick. Some of our 2-3" slabs would work for mantels as well. Contact us for slabs thicker than 6".

Do you sell table legs?

We do sell a selection of high-quality steel and cast iron legs. View our collection here.

Can I supply my own table legs for projects?

Yes! We can build custom projects using customer-supplied legs. You have the option of dropping them off at our store for mounting or choose to mount them at your own leisure.

Can you build custom wood bases?

If you are not interested in one of our table leg selections, we can build custom bases out of wood for custom projects only. Reference pictures are helpful when consulting with our sales associates about your custom project. Costs will vary depending on the style and species chosen.

Can you build a cabinet?

Yes. Please send us images of your project to our email at and we can get that quoted for you.


The item I'm interested is out of stock, when will it be restocked?

We do our best to keep our online products in stock. Most of our items sell out quickly both in our shop and online store. It is best or order it when available. For estimates on the arrivals of shipments coming in, feel free to contact for updates on restock. Some items displayed are only available for pre-order. If you are interested in other items our vendors (Chill Epoxy, Osmo Finish Products, Dico Products (Nyalox), AkFix) carry that we don't typtoically stock, contact us to add to in our next shipment.

How long does it take for orders to ship?

We do our best to fulfill orders within 1-3 business days. Our fulfillment days are Monday-Friday.