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New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!
New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!

Osmo Hand Applicator Superpad

by Osmo
$ 3.49
White (Lightweight/Non-Abrasive): For rubbing in Polyx-oils and Hardwax Oils during initial treatment or re-application. It can also be used for applying pigmented wood primers and lighter cleaning & buffing.

Red (Heavyweight/Slightly Abrasive): A heavier-duty pad for rubbing in Polyx-oils and Hardwax Oils into more porous materials during initial treatment or re-application. It can also be used to knockdown a finish coat before re-application and for cleaning deeper stains, dirt, and removing excess oils.  
  • Can attach to the Osmo Hand Pad Holder for easy application
  • Measures 95 x 155mm
  • Comes with one pad in each package