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New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!
New Slabs Added to Our Online Inventory!

Tree Cutting

Are we a tree service? Do we cut trees down?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not we actually cut trees down. This is a completely valid question, but the answer is NO. We like to focus on what we do best: Salvaging trees.

We're a sustainable company that works directly with your arborist or tree service to ensure the valued piece(s) remain intact. We hate to see rare and unique trees come down, but understand the reasons that they do. Whatever the reason, our mission is to give them a functional purpose.

If you have one or multiple trees that need to be removed, please contact one of our preferred companies:

Preferred Tree Services

APEX Tree Experts
Main Contact: Dan Folk
2522 N Proctor St
Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 227-9775
Family Tree Care
Main Contact: Johnny Marth
5226 S 8th
Tacoma, WA 98465
(253) 234-4769
Hofmeister Tree Service
Main Contact: Justin Hofmeister
PO Box 8501
Lacey, WA 98509
(360) 280-3369