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4.5" Nyalox Wheel Brush For Angle Grinder

$ 24.95

The original abrasive nylon brushes. Available in three color-coded grits: gray is 80 grit, orange is 120 grit and blue is 240 grit. Aluminum oxide is infused throughout the entire bristle. Maintains shape, will not rust, does not shed bristles, safer to use than wire brushes and will not puncture the skin. Lasts up to 10x longer than traditional wire brushes. 

Applications: Deburring, blending, cleaning, scrubbing, roughing, surface preparation for primers, paints and adhesives, stain removal, flash removal, surface finishing, stripping of old paints and finishes, removal of surface rust, corrosion and weld scale, etc. 

4.5” Wheel brushes 5/8”-11 Thread for angle grinders.

Maximum 3,000 RPM.