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Black Walnut Slab #4566

$ 575.00

This iDry vacuum kiln-dried Black Walnut slab is perfect for many projects, coffee table, desk, console table, media center, or entryway bench! With lots of heartwood and blue tone grain features this slab will finish beautifully. Plus, it's already machined flat and ready for your project. 

Slab Species: Black Walnut
Wood Origin: Ridgefield, WA
iDry Vacuum Kiln-Dried: Yes

Slab Thickness: 8/4 (2")
Surfaced Flat: 95%
Length: 58"
Average Width: 23"
Widest Width: 31"
Narrow Width: 21"
Waist Width: 17"
Weight: 77.4 lb

Measurements are an approximation because of the organic shape of the product.