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Kiln-dried wood slabs now available online! New slabs added weekly.
Kiln-dried wood slabs now available online!

95" x 33" Maple Slab

$ 979.69

Slab Species: Maple
Grade: A
Item Number: 5005
Number of Live Edges: Two
Wood Origin: Orting, WA
iDry Vacuum Kiln Dried: Yes

Slab Thickness: 10/4 (2.5")
Surfaced Flat: 0%
Length: 95"
Average Width: 33"
Widest Width: 45"
Waist Width: 29"
Narrow Width: 26"
Features: Crotch, Bark inclusion
Janka Hardness Rating: 999
Location: South Wall

Cost of Surfacing this slab: $217.71

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Measurements are an approximation because of the organic shape of the product.