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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Ends 7/31 #ourDIYbirthday
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Ends 7/31 #ourDIYbirthday

Silver Maple Slab #2309

$ 318.25

This iDry vacuum kiln-dried Silver Maple slab is great for a pair of shelves, bistro table, coffee table, and more! It's machined flat to 80% (2.75") and ready for your project.

Slab Species: Silver Maple
Wood Origin: Fredrickson, WA
iDry Vacuum Kiln-Dried: Yes

Slab Thickness: 11/4 (2.75")
Surfaced Flat: 80%
Length: 34"
Average Width: 35"
Widest Width: 41"
Narrow Width: 31"
Waist Width: 32"
Weight: 85.5 lb

Measurements are an approximation because of the organic shape of the product.